Running out of steam!

OH my Prac starts tomorrow!!!

My head is just spinning, I feel I haven’t stopped this semester.  I have been trying to complete all assignments prior to starting prac so my full focus can be on prac for the next three weeks.  I don’t think that is going to be possible when I have 2 assignments due during prac and 1 after and 1 exam. But you know what?! somehow we do it, somehow we keep on going and we do the best we can.

It will all be worth it in the end!!!

I do enjoy going out on prac, its the best part, putting all that theory into practice, I am looking forward to it but also a little scare as I am doing HPE and the students are learning discus and shot put.  Something that I haven’t taught before, but I am always up for the challenge!!!Now to work out how I will use ICT in my lesson.

I am lucky enough to do my placement with another one of my peers Nancy! We will be able to support and guide each other.

Good luck to all my peers on their first day tomorrow!!!


One thought on “Running out of steam!

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